12 July 2014

My Charlie embeds

Everyone has their own particular tastes in Charlie collaborations.. I can't pass up Don Cherry on pocket trumpet, Dewey Redman on tenor sax, Ed Blackwell on drums, Molde, Norway, 1979..

And no, I didn't know about this one til I searched on Youtube, at which time I embedded it by Pavlovian reflex.. (actually quite good) McCabe's Guitar Shop Santa Monica, CA, 1984..

11 July 2014

Beuys' Lightning with Stag in its Glare 1958-85 (below) "enacts a dramatic moment in nature: A bolt of lightning.. strikes the ground, illuminating a stag..  According to Beuys, the stag is a guardian for the Primordial Animals, which squirm on the floor without intelligence or direction. These simple creatures, like the dramatic Lightning, were cast from a pile of loam.." Tonight's moon (and tomorrow morning's), one of three loosely defined perigree moons with August's full moon being the closest the moon gets to the earth, is alternately referred to as the Buck Moon and the Thunder Moon.