26 April 2006

Red Osiris

Dream Journey: I was on a domestic flight to somewhere in Tennessee, I think, seated near the back. People I had met before the flight that were going the same route in a rowboat met the flight as soon as we landed. One of the people on the plane with me named John who looked like John Cage jumped into the water and turned into a small red sea creature and broke into little pieces. I tried to put him back together to no avail.

Boarding the plane again I recounted this in a state of distress to the male steward and he shook his head and didn’t know what to do. Then there were large old hardbacks near my seat that I wanted to read, like Brecht’s diaries, and I wondered if I had brought them as a last minute whim, but an elderly woman dealer surfaced and let me look through the piles of used books on the plane.