30 December 2006

End of year sale

Crazy Egmont asks: How do you know what you want if no one has been sacrificed for it?

Crazy Egmont’s No Money Down offer for preassembled labyrinths has been extended through next weekend. Only eight days remain! No interest payments until September 2007! His prices have never been crazier!

Get these low maintenance vinyl models out of your subconsciousness and into your backyard! Have you tried Gothic revival shrubbery patterns that don’t grow as fast as your ill-fated passions? Why are his prices so low? Not because it’s the end of the year, not because he’s overstocked, not because of competitor’s prices, it’s because he’s crazy.

Visit the showroom before time’s up! Get in your car and by the time you’re lost, one of Crazy Egmont’s friendly sales associates will be on their way!


andy gricevich said...

A serious (by which I don't mean "serious") Firesign Theatre ring to this.

Happy New Year.

Ian Keenan said...

I used to do Firesign-like skits when I was a teenager with a group for a camcorder. I've become more interested in 'found syntax' recently since revisiting Nicholas Guillén's the Daily Daily (based on the Cuban newspapers) which utilizes popular, often manipulative forms for satirical or abstract effect. Happy new year..