16 April 2007


I’LL STRIKE THIS PARAGRAPH on the forehead once it reveals to me the antithesis of your curiosity. NATIONAL POETRY is DADA, says the taxman in every tree, as he is writing this for me while I turn to sand. No one can escape FATE no one can escape NAPOWRIMO. Poetry has nothing to fear but poetry itself. Enter through the purple door and make for the front of the boxcar, don’t stop, don’t read the signs, til you have reached the antithesis of your curiosity. Don’t reveal to me its enigma! Don’t get in the way of the paragraph!


mgushuedc said...

Here, here. "thought is made in the mouth." -T. Tzara

Ian Keenan said...

one should always clean his black marble grave with a napkin or cloth when in the neighborhood of Montparnasse cemetery – good for the poetry