28 October 2007

Thanks to the Energy Policy Act of 2005, my VCR set my clock back when it wasn’t really time to set clocks back. Next weekend is the time now. When I woke up, not privy to the bill’s ratification I spent a half hour rationalizing how I slept through the hour, on account of the dreams I had, now unremembered, as there was no question at that point that the hour had elapsed and there were no extra hours forthcoming and the chance for planning the gained hour in anticipation did not present itself. When I realized it was not Daylight Savings Time, I grinned because I could suddenly admit to myself how flimsy my rationalizations had been. However, I and everyone I encountered seemed to be behind an hour all day and night.

Ryan told me a week ago that no matter what the sun and the atmosphere does, it gets dark at the same time because of the movement of the planet. No matter how obvious that was, it had the painful resonance of an intervention.