04 May 2008

Review: Gallery shows

One show I like that’s still up is Aaron van Erp, a Dutchman known to employ figures in his canvases but who's taken to show figures physically broken up. The postcard, which I have kept at my day job desk for two days for extended subtext contemplation, has such a figure (a dog, actually) burning at the top of a pole with a shopping cart at the bottom and a small house in the background which a large number on it. You can see all five paintings on the gallery website but his painterly effects reward a visit.

Piotr Ulanski is giving New York what it wants: references to American traditions and sots-art. Sots-art was interesting before Gorbachev took office, or, more precisely, before Komar and Melamid became the first Russians to get an NEA grant in the late 80s. Ulanski’s irony is simple, garish, opportunistic, and monumental, and thus an enjoyable and forgettable outing.

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