16 July 2009

Honduras update

“The Committee of Family Members of Detained and Disappeared in Honduras published a report today detailing more than 1155 cases of Human Rights violations committed by the coup regime since June 28, 2009. Of those, there have been 4 political assassinations, 6 gravely injured, 16 threatened with death, 59 injured, 13 media outlets closed or censored, 14 journalists detained, of which the majority have been expelled forcefully from the country, and 1046 arbitrary detentions.”

But the talking point in the US papers today, at the prompting of the coup leadership, was that the popular resistence to the coup might do something violent. They have no actual violence to report, since the public is peaceful and disciplined, but they’re not going to report the 1155 human rights violations, so they’re going to go to press with ‘the public might do something violent.’

The popular resistence has blockaded the roads going into Tegucigalpa. I intended to drive down there once but I moved too slowly and had to turn north after a while, but there’s really only two main roads that intersect the capital. This in addition to the fact that all of Honduras’ neighbors have cut off trade, in accordance with the wishes of every other Latin American country.

There’s still the airport, of course, and if the military junta can restore Honduras as the shipment point for Colombian coke then the military aid freeze is pocket change. I’ll admit that’s an area where Hillary has plenty of foreign policy experience.

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