21 January 2010

The Dems losing a filibuster-proof majority would be very upsetting if only they had done a damn thing with a filibuster-proof majority, or if there was any indication that they were going to do a damn thing with a filibuster-proof majority. It's like someone complains that their subscription to the gym ended when they never went to the gym and don't know where their sweatpants are. The credit card legislation was bipartisan as was Obama's 700 billion dollar defense budget for the Afghan escalation. The Dems doing nothing with a filibuster-proof majority is better than W. and Cheney with 51, but nothing changes now in practicality. Health care bill? You have stock in a hospital company? They're completely ignoring what the public wants. I'm also sick of "What Obama should do, he needs to hang with a new crowd, Obama ought to.." If his speaking abilities are the only thing that allows you to tell him apart from the crooks in his cabinet, then maybe you were believing the speeches a little too much.

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