24 June 2010

I just had my "back to the metal chair" moment, the moment when I return to the relative comfort of the metal chair in the space where I perceive thunderstorms in the evening, disappointed somewhat that it has ended but assuming by the absence of lightning that my return to the chair will not lead to the story line "he was sitting in a metal chair during a thunderstorm, all his books unfinished." I need to find a wooden chair that is comfortable as the metal one so this resigned transition is no longer necessary, as opposed to the uncomfortable and somewhat unsightly Ottoman stand-in. There have been so little in the way of cumulonimbus clouds this spring that the symbol is placed on the weather forecasts strictly out of habit, but I assume this is temporary, if blogging changed the weather I wouldn't blog. Likewise blogging will not alert birds to new feeders and my enjoyment of English is precisely its imperceptibility to the avian hierarchy, as the one baby finch with brown stripes seems to have little incentive to report its discovery.

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