02 March 2011

Dream journey: I was driving along in suburbia and thought "I need to think" pulling over by a row of Victorian homes. I didn't turn the radio on or headphones and I don't know how long I was sitting there, maybe a half hour, maybe an hour. Then I looked up and the police had cordoned off the area around a house and a SWAT team was running around. A shady guy approached a car across the street from me, returning my gaze, saying "You didn't see nothing" and I thought "he's right." I started the car and turned it around and there was a young plainclothes cop talking on a walkie talkie with a causal demeanor. I didn't feel right about just leaving so I pulled up and told him that I was there for a half hour but I didn't see or hear anything. "There were a hundred shots popping. You must be hard of hearing." I told him I had no testimony but he could take down my name and number if he wanted. "Yeah, sure." He put my name, no contact information, on a day box of a wall calendar he got from the hardware store.

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