15 April 2011

Friday capsules

Best American Poetry: The most literal poet in town spearheads the project, in the event someone out there doesn't understand his poetry.

Best American Fiction: The cover says Best European Fiction, but the first adjective is ludicrous and the second inaccurate, save for László Krasznahorkai's Venetian art story (a theme this blog didn't get from War & War. See, three sentences.) getting in through the grandfather clause (legitimacy anchor), featuring even a story called "Raymond is No Longer with Us - Carver is Dead" from Montenegro, a few hours' drive from the Camp Bondsteel Writers' Workshop.

I only get a chance to say "I don't praise many books here" a few times but I will use one for Kit Robinson's Determination, since Silliman is working 24/7 after having the nerve to apply for academic jobs despite no BA, thinking he knows something, and doesn't seem to have time for the the normal scathing aspersions he casts on those Language poets; Robinson sustains the context of a poem more than his earlier work for reasons that are reprieved in each case and maintains at times the structure of his early work with similar results.

Just in time for the lyric revival.. actually, no, I think I missed the lyric revival.. Buck Downs proffers a screen display of returned post cards, which is how Ray Johnson would have obtained his own postal works unless he'd spring for one of these mass produced portraits for the mantelpiece with writing attached.

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