29 November 2011

In Wild Strawberries the dreams are a ripoff of Maya Deren's - a Piri' Miri Muli' exclusive I think - and this conclusion to the evening nap was a ripoff of that. I was to receive an award and was fitted in a cross between a hussar's uniform and a toucan - which I was convinced was a dig at me except as I walked around the apartment complex I saw others with the same outfit. I had a hooded sweatshirt that was hanging out of the uniform but couldn't find my apartment to take it off and leave it there. I started to walk around and then got very lost, to the point where I would need to take a bus back, I was soon in a country town, and there was a garden on a hill with steps with labels but they were for the plants, above the garden was signs and banners for the post office, school, and hospital, and I saw that there was one for the mausoleum which was perfect because I could navigate by mausoleums, except here the mausoleum wasn't for anyone in particular it was just a mausoleum which makes my mausoleum navigation system inoperable. So someone who was with me suggested hiring a bicycle excursion to Vermont and back, since when it returned we would get directions back to the award ceremony, no impulse to ask any directions outside profit motive, and in the carpeted new unfurnished office of the tour guide we were given corn chips but this large growling dog parked underneath us and wanted all the corn chips, was given a lesser corn chip but wanted ours, this dog was I suspect the anthropomorphic incarnation of my concerns from earlier in the afternoon.


Ian Keenan said...

to the extent that it resembled a hussar's uniform that'd be the Napoleonic era and a bit before, yes, I was to have worn the uniform on the bike trip to and from Vermont but I woke before that visualization. I don't eat corn chips

Ian Keenan said...

the banner for the mausoleum had initials on the bottom, four letters.. I tried to figure out what they stood for but I concluded it wasn't a name

Ian Keenan said...

"The dream about the coffin is one I've had myself, a compulsive dream of mine. Not that I was lying in the coffin myself. I made that up. But the bit where the hearse comes along and bumps into a lamp-post, and the coffin falls out and tip out the corpse. I had dreamed that many times." (Bergman)

Jonas Sima: Supposing we talk a bit more about the influences perhaps to be discerned in Wild Strawberries? You have said you think it was fairly free from influences. But of course there are traces of Strindberg?
Bergman: Obviously.
JS: The Dream Play and To Damascus.
IB: Naturally. Not to forget Jonas Love Almqvist. (early 19th C poet, novelist/ dramatist)