28 December 2013

A policeman was telling me recently the yuletide brings calls of (1) suicides; (2) domestic violence; (3) family fights; (4) relatives that threaten gatherings they're not invited to, as well as the other stuff..

It almost escaped the attention of Piri' Miri Muli' that someone has been uploading a lot of Andalusian Villancicos Navideños this winter.. I embeded La Macinita's from the Saura/ Storaro film a few years ago which is still my favorite Xmas video and it will likely remain that way,* but he uploaded that one w/ better pic and sound (but you'd have to check out the dvd for the English translation**)..

and a Camarón Villancico with Tomatito..

and one of Carmen Linares'..

This Lavoe/ Colon Asalto Navideño has some merry Yomo Toro solos..

Ah that concert.. from 1978.. I suppose this isn't an Xmas song unless they're telling Santa it's a bad neighborhood but it's Hector-ific especially near the end..

Here they're telling Santa he and Mrs. Claus are yesterday's news, unless they mean someone else. It's all about Santa all the time here tho..

* Last years' embed was close, a tune I first heard, as Piri' Miri Muli' readers know, accompanying Alain Sechas' installation Les Suspects rotated into the Pompidou permanent collection.
** Basically Joseph and Mary are broke and they need a room..

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