04 April 2015

More saetas

These first two had been uploaded when I wrote my post on Easter Week saetas, but I hadn't seen them at the time.. first from cantoaora María Toledo to the Lady of Sorrows in the city of her birth, Toledo..

I found at least two of appeal from Huelva province, noted before here as producing the fandango of Alosno "248 miles from Cadiz, closer to the Portuguese border than Seville" west of the more famous flamenco heartland.. First from Huelva's home town girl Regina to what looks like Seville's more famous La Esperanza but I think is theirs, with the head bended more to the left..

.. also in Huelva, an upload by Beatriz Romero from a year ago, born in nearby Palos de la Frontera seventeen years previous ..

from this year's Semana Santa, TV footage of Manuel Cuevas, hailing from Osuna 88km East of Seville Cathedral..

Another from the two unidentified Sevillana girls of the previous post

another from Diana Navarro

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