13 February 2016

What's up

Today is the last day of Lari Pittman's NUEVOS CAPRICHOS series (left) at 530 w 21 St Gladstone, which, like his past shows (I, II) is well worth checking out if you haven't - these augment the Goya theme with cel vinyl calligraphy of Emily Dickenson's pain poems, by someone who suffered near fatal gunshot wounds a while back.  They also have Marisa Merz up for another week at 130 e 64.  

Update: Forgot to mention the Dzama and Pettibon show at Zwirner another week, featuring the likenesses of James Joyce, David Bowie and Dzama's Flower of Evil trailer. Also, Lelong at 528 w 26 has two large Ana Mendieta projections and other works of hers another month and a half.

Sundaram Tagore's group show at 547 West 27 has five Sohan Qadris spread around for another two weeks, with Mickalene Thomas' Haitian and Diana Ross-themed photo portraits upstairs at Aperture.  Tagore's Steve McCurry show is up for two more weeks in Singapore, but New Yorkers can check out his photos of India at the Rubin til April 4, ending a day after Philly's photography of India show.

Valentine's Day brings Marcel Broodthaers at MoMA to go with his Écriture show at Michael Werner 4 e77.  Werner's gifts to the Phillips are up another two months, with two politically symbolic Immendorfs.  Also in DC the Hirshhorn's Surrealism and Sculpture show ends Sunday, Louise Bourgeois (below) has a room at the NGA, and there's quite a long line in front of the Renwick for their new installations. Darren Waterston's state-approved, art historical referencing vandalism of Whistler's decor led to a morning exchange..
Guard: Did you do this?
Ian: ..hmm..
G: You'll have to come with me.
I: (2nd guard enters) I can take you both. (leaving) Have you used that line before?
G: It works on smaller guys.

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