10 February 2017

What's up for one more day

3 shows ending tomorrow:

Petzel’s curatorial response to the Trump inauguration that includes works from long before this year and different perspectives, including a bust of Snowden installed temporarily in a park. 456 W 18th Street

If you would prefer the human foot to be red, disembodied, glowing, in groups of four, and only visible from straight ahead then Louise B. has you covered. 547 25th

Never seen before Eisenstein drawings take their place in the erotic genre at 510 26th St. Sergei the horny bastard! He even has one of an acrobat pleasuring himself as a cover for Stendal’s (sic) complete works “Egotism.” I don’t think I’m the only one who still has his Monsieur Beyle shelf by the bedside.

Also in DC a wonderful show of photos of a Rajisthani girl and her mother and sister including letters documenting her predicament by Gauri Gill at the Sackler through Sunday.

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