18 December 2005


Dream Journey: Someone panned a new Mallarme' translation by calling it: "A Throw of the Dice Does Not Eliminate Chance Starring Erik Estrada" and I set out to look for an old VHS copy.


andy gricevich said...

That's too amusing for me to actually believe it.

Though I had a dream a while back in which somebody set their incessantly barking dog on "vibrate," and a close friend dreamed that our most radical feminist friends had decided that the word "pregnant," in phrases like "pregnant pause," was unacceptable, and replaced it with the word "emboobed."

Ian Keenan said...

I would say the first dream is fear of being found out, or socialized at a private moment. The second is a careful literary type fearing a PC Turretts moment, in that he is forced to use a slang sex term.

I may get to brushing up on my Aristotle, Freud, and new age paperbacks to go about this in more scholarly fashion.