08 January 2006

The International Bridge

Dream journey: I was crossing the International Bridge by car, someone, I don’t remember who, this was two or three nights ago, sitting in the back seat handed me my mail. It included a package from Anselm Kiefer that came in response to questions I had apparently sent him, with six or seven boxes inside. I opened the big box and it contained a realist trilogy by a novelist name Jose’ Cardenas. I believe that was the name; were it Alejo Carpentier or Ernesto Cardenal it would have changed the dream considerably. I don’t know what was in the other boxes, and was apprehensive about whether they would attract the attention of the officials working the International Bridge.

Yesterday I got my New Jersey Drivers License, after putting it off for a while: maybe that affected my dream. I drove to the van Ruisdael show, the Hong Kong Supermarket, Steve’s Prince of Steaks. If I have any questions for Anselm Kiefer I will post them.