13 January 2006

The Barn

Dream journey: Someone tipped me off to a chapel with unique murals that was going to be destroyed in the Great Plains. I drove into town and it was explained to me that the town elders had thought the murals to be profane and were going to paint over them. I said I would buy the church (I had the money to do so in this dream, which apparently was saved up from all the sleep I got while recovering from flu symptoms), and someone approached me and said ‘take the barn too, while you’re at it, they’re going to destroy that.’ I entered the barn and it too was filled with the recently deceased artist's paintings.


Brian Lucas said...

A groundbreaking Surrealism essay tends to take on an air of importance to me these days.


Here's a review of a very good essay on Amer. surrealism.

Ian Keenan said...

Brian, khawp khun for the heads up.. if you had mentioned this on Silliman's Blog the only copy on Amazon would have been snatched up, by someone other than me, who just did so. Love your artwork!

"Stop acting like an expat."
"We are expats."
"Wyndham Lewis said: Yourself is your caste."

lanceparrish said...

fuck this shit, what do you think of the phillies next year?

Ian Keenan said...

Hey Lance, actually Bo Diaz backchanneled to say that he is sick and tired of my dream narratives.

1. Braves
2. Phils
3. Mets
4. Nats
5. Fish

The Phils are going to be better than the Mets this year. The Phils will score more runs and the Mets starting pitching is going to implode. Benson and Seo would have been their no. 2 and 3 starters. The Mets are ruining their franchise.

The Braves are still better. The best teams in the league are the Braves, the Giants, the Dodgers, the Cubs, with the Phils, the Cards, and the Stros in the next category. The Mets will stuggle to meet their performance last year.

The Phils btw are the opposite of Surrealism, to Surrealism’s credit.