21 February 2006

Shrove Tuesday

I’ve never been to a pre-Lenten Carnival, and I’m not planning to attend one next week. However, being the arm-chair traveler that I am (I occasionally go) I thought to rank my Top 15 pre-Lenten Carnivals in the order of which I’d most like to attend.

A special honor goes out to the gang at Port-au-Prince, Haiti, whose bash is so good I’m afraid to go at the moment.

1. Recife, Brazil
2. Cadiz, Spain
3. Mamoiada, Italy
4. Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
5. Barranquilla, Colombia
6. Salvador, Brazil
7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
8. Ivrea, Italy
9. Mazatlan, Mexico
10. Rethymno, Crete
11. Veracruz, Mexico
12. Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain
13. Oruro, Bolivia
14. Aalborg, Denmark
15. Ovar, Portugal


Ian Keenan said...

It has been with difficulty that I carry on everyday conversations about the weather with the expected nonchalance owing to a body temp of 101F lasting over a week during the NE cold spell in late February. On Ash Wednesday I took note of the weather in my Shrove Tuesday locales but refrained from commenting online in general during the moods of my malady.

The Mexican Shove Tuesdays had the best weather. The South American spots were hot though rainy save for Bolivia. Ivrea being next to Torino next to the Olympics was cold and crowded. At the time of the list I was unaware of Maastricht’s celebration, and it is not out of fair weather affinity that I would replace Aalborg with it for 14th on the list.

Veracruz, Mexico 80/63 mostly clear
Mazatlan, Mexico 80/51 partly cloudy

Salvador, Brazil 87/78 sunny
Barranquilla, Colombia 87/76 clear
Oruro, Bolivia 66/41 AM showers

Rethymno, Crete 60/50 sunny
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad 86/72 PM showers
Ovar, Portugal 57/37 clear
Recife, Brazil 89/79 showers
Cadiz, Spain 60/43 showers
Mamoiada, Italy 57/ 40 mostly cloudy
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 85/77 iso t-storms
Ivrea, Italy 45/26 mostly sunny
Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain 52/38 sunny
Aalborg, Denmark 34/29 snow

Ian Keenan said...

South Jersey:

Apr 30 Sunny 70°/46° 0 %
May 01 Partly Cloudy 71°/49° 10 %
May 02 Mostly Sunny 74°/50° 20 %
May 03 Showers 73°/54° 30 %
May 04 Mostly Sunny 72°/54° 20 %
May 05 Partly Cloudy 71°/54° 20 %
May 06 Few Showers 71°/52° 30 %
May 07 Showers 71°/51° 60 %
May 08 Scattered Showers 72°/53° 30 %

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