14 July 2006

Une petite absence

There's never been a rock and roll band called Puffed Rice, and I have no intention of starting one.


andy gricevich said...

Were I Freud, I'd start waiting for the record to come out.

Or I'd ask, "vat ees zis rohck und rholl?"

How about a hippie combo called "The Heritage O's" (my favorite cereal name)?

"Fruit Loops" sounds somehow like the title of an early Bruce Andrews book.

david raphael israel said...

There was, however, a Don Cherry tune called "Brown Rice."

So happens, in the summer of 1968, I (at age 12) authored a series of comic-strips entitled "Quaker Oats and Barley" (this having been at a Quaker summer school/camp).

I think Puffed Millet might have more appeal.

Ian Keenan said...

Andy: The Andrews book you’re thinking of is “I Don’t Have Any Spoon So Quit Snapping, Crackling, and Popping.”

DRI: I’d like to try Puffed Millet: although that would cause confusion because I like to refer to Jean-François Millet as “Puffy,” I can start calling him P. Milly.

david raphael israel said...


I imagine there has also never been a rock band called Une petite absence. (We could call this circumstance the absence of absence.)

When you note you'd like to try Puffed Millet, this leaves me unsure if you are looking for a name for a nascent rock band, or for a new breakfast cereal.

In the latter case, I can highly recommend puffed millet with honey and (if available) raw milk.

In the former case, bon voyage musique. Perhaps Kate Millet may become a well-wisher. But then, the title of her tome, Sexual Politics, could also serve as decent name for a rock band. If Creeley titles are unavailable.

andy gricevich said...

Actually, Ian, I was thinking of the slightly earlier period of Andrews' work--the era of Getting Ready To Have Been Fortified With Vitamins D, E, and Calcium.