02 September 2006

Consumerism without consequence

The most unintentionally funny line of 2005, cinematic or otherwise, would appear to be (spoiler alert) from the special features of the recently released DVD version of Žižek!, where Barry Nolan of CN8 Boston’s TV talker Nightbeat interrupts a Žižek rant with ‘You’re kind of Dennis Leary... from Slovenia!!’

So you see why it’s good to hold off on your year-end awards until the following autumn.

I don’t know what it means: I know that Leary is a comedian who may have a tough parent schtick that may be relatively lacking in implicit irony of totalitarianism metaphors, or a coffee monologue (looking on his Amazon page now), though there’s probably someone who really IS the Slovenian Denis Leary who’s not amused.

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Ian Keenan said...


Žižek: (pensive pause) When did you have the last meal? Breakfast, olr, down thehre...

Female crew: Down there, we should stop down there...

Žižek: No, no, one or two hours later we should maybe go down there and uh - or, do you know any, uh, you know, at the place where you had your coffee, they do have goot menus, you know, like, very nice ones, like, simple steak or whatever, they are not bad, anyway.

Female crew no. 2: They are all vegetarians.

Žižek: Sorry?

FC2: They are all vegetarians.

Žižek: Degenerates. Degenerates. (rolls finger on brain) You’ll turn into monkeys.