17 September 2006

Through the airplanes

I thought that by floating an itinerary here I would get good suggestions, and Andy's suggestion of St. Louis' City Museum did not disappoint.

I tried to do pretty much all the outdoor climbing it entailed, which involved going throught those two airplanes pictured, which I climbed right to left as the picture shows. I got to the end of that top tube, which leads downward into a staircase, and not being a kid I couldn't turn around in the tube to go down feet first, and going down head first didn't seem to be worth it from a risk management standpoint, so I flipped over and crawled on my back to the right. It doesn't feel great on the knees but you don't feel it later. Once you place your trust in the engineering, being held up by nothing but wire mesh is exhilarating. I must have looked pretty funny up there.

Also notable is that when I see families sightseeing together, invariably either the parents or the kids get bored. I like to go wherever I want (having none for now), hang with my nephews when I feel like it, and watch the people cut their museum visits short for the kids or act bored and fork out big bucks in giddy-kiddie places. But here families really have a lot of fun together and bond. The secret is that all the adults act like little kids, which the kids love.

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andy gricevich said...

Glad you stopped there, and enjoyed it. Indeed, the knees suffer a bit, but that's about it. Happy travels!