11 August 2008

One minor quarrel I have with this video is the Iraqi death count. ORB, which has done polling research for the BBC and the British Conservative Party, put Iraqi deaths since the US invasion at between 733,000 and 1,446,063. 20.2% of respondents to the poll said that at least one household member has died as a result of the US invasion. The British medical journal Lancet published a study in October 2006 putting the number at 655,000, and a co-author of that study said “time alone counts for most of the difference (with the ORB survey).”

Orphans: 5 million, 35% of all children in Iraq.
Refugees: 3.9 million, 16% of the population.

And of course there’s another 71 million in Iran for McCain to “bomb” and other presidential aspirants to “obliterate.”

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