15 March 2019

I shall ritualize what has been a latent tendency: when I relish the canvases of someone who decorated the Doge’s Palace I will protest imperialism later in the day. Tomorrow: Tintoretto* and Hands Off Venezuela.

Directions from one to the other:
If you’re Joseph Biden, walk north from the Saudi embassy and take a right at K street.
If you’re Kamala Harris, take a left at New Hampshire and a right at the White House.
If you’re Beto O’Rourke, walk out of the awesome think tank with fresh ideas towards the cool people who have specific views of the zona with Caribbean beaches that’s been politicized.
If you’re Elizabeth Warren, wait at first, certainly don’t arrive early with the military or the Red Cross but perhaps with a humanitarian aid convoy commanded by Elliott Abrams.
If you’re Bernie Sanders, walk back and forth until you get to the DNC, the next day say you are not being held there and if you were it’d be the Russians’ fault.
If you're Amy Klobuchar, have your staff carry you in a sedan chair, barefoot, the long way.
If you’re Donald Trump, John Bolton will try to navigate you across the North Lawn and when you get lost, call the Secret Service.

This one's by Michelangelo: Can you pick the Guaidó supporters out of these white guys?

* (3/16 am) actually forgot - they postponed the opening til the 24th, but I won't let that spoil a blog post..

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