10 March 2019

What's up for one more day, fair week edition, v. أربعة عشرة

Excerpt From "The Adored Ones" Federico Solmi 2018 from Federico Solmi on Vimeo.

Solmi at the Ronald Feldman booth

I paced the downtown map of the Nada fair (Aaron Gilbert at Lyles & King, below), which locates in galleries this year (pdf) with some temporary shows amid the month long runs, meaning the one day I tunneled in this week I was a weary trekker upon entering Armory as well as being up 24 hours, Spring/ Break which I missed entailing more curators and less walking. Collapsing at Armory would be a misuse of pathos, or at least I retain that part of my upbringing. If you are sleep deprived, so this retention goes, do not upon reflection trifle redundantly in the darknesses you have beheld or imagined in the boom market with its royal scribes, its high line, its shed, its grand stairwell designed by a real Englishman: but who gets out of there scot free? The artists? not even the collectors.. Will you choose ethics or aesthetics? Which is being forced on me? ..and indeed the next night at the job here I met the Medici family ah yes as I am like most folks more removed from them and their care than some and for my part fastidious about content, and the spring air. Which is for sale?

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