02 August 2006

Vispo inferno

If you like this pdf file excerpt of Jessica Smith's new first book, they're open for business over there.

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david raphael israel said...

hmmm -- ambitious.

Her acknowledgement interests:
<< Although Organic Furniture Cellar has not been determined by external methods or procedures, it does quote extensively from source material. The book could not have been written without the theoretical insights and artistic experimentation of Charles Bernstein’s Content’s Dream, Christian Bök’s Crystallography, John Cage’s Roaratorio, Joyce’s Ulysses, Joan Retallack’s Afterrimages, and the oeuvres of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Marcel Duchamp, Susan Howe, Yoko Ono, Marcel Proust, Juliana Spahr, and Virginia Woolf. >>

Ah these deeply schooled and thoughtful kids. Congrats to the lass.

What I could more readily absorb would be the video version with voiceover ;-) -- which merely may go to show I could invest time (gradually) getting a little more used to vispo. I'd never been able to get much from Cage's acrostics; somehow this holds me a bit more. Or maybe it's all authorial-photo beguilement. Or something else. But it's dense stuff. A string quartet could help.