04 February 2007

Review: Who’s clever ‘07

As you may have guessed, being called clever by me is not a compliment. But part of being clever by my designation means not giving a damn what I think; I make sure of that. I don’t really have anyone particular in mind: What? Why? Last year some crafty people made it in.


Ryan W. said...

thx for not having anyone particular in mind. I'm glad you've posted some youtube videos -- this is a service I need, cuz I figure there's some interesting stuff on youtube but I'm certainly not going to go looking for it. I haven't looked at the videos you've blogged, yet, so they might not be interesting, but sometime I'll be in the market for that. maybe you need to use the categories and have a video category, so I can find them when I want to watch a bunch. or not.

Ian Keenan said...

I have thought of starting another blog for YouTube 'music' or 'film notes' but the YouTube platform doesn't let me say things, and I prefer the way the stuff looks on Blogger