12 February 2007

Shanna's Dusie trio

Am enjoying Shanna Compton’s wonderful poems in Dusie, which retain what’s striking about Down Spooky while rapidly developing new possibilities. ‘A Novel’ looked at first Stein-influenced exercise, but I am struck by how it proceeds initially as a chronicle of unrelated personas, and then proceeds to suggest very fragile hints of interrelationships between the sentences/ images presented. Wherever it comes from, it seems to resound with Imagism/Vorticism in how items are simply presented, with some Tropism in the estrangement of the component parts.

‘Bloody Intellect’ continues more in the vein of the ‘inside/ outside’ socio-themes of Down Spooky, with the oxymoronic title commenting abruptly on the character study of the poem, beginning with the question, ‘What’s intellect go to do..’ into the critique of getaway into concept. ‘We’re loving it’ captions her travel photos as a personal take on the old song of sense and landscape, the sort of subject matter and received syntax (thank you.., our official position..) that frames and amplifies what’s new to do here.

A joy to read these free, fun poems on a blah, Wintery Monday.. :)

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