21 February 2007

Stroszek, 1977

The pathos here is cheap, the pathos is for the people. Loplop stuffed inside an Allegory of Music, nothing declared at customs. The rabbit as king of the fire that is never consumed. Follow the sunset West and it never leaves you, your proverbial kicks means the proverb never has to end. The social contract has won, the camera won’t smoke it out of its cave. I know why they hawk omniscience. Ski lifts are cyclical, time is home.


Ryan W. said...

what's not to like.

I looked at my blog stats. you're my top referrer now, followed by steve evans. when next I blog, prolly this weekend, I will do a list of top referrers. No doubt I benefit from the 2nd row, flush left placement at http://www.thirdfactory.net/links.html
It's like the Park Place of his links.

I never noticed that there's a c between ian and keenan. the adjacent c and k remind me of calvin klein.

Ian Keenan said...

for some reason I couldn't post any more on iankeenan.blogspot. I used to use the C when I was little and given to whatever causes people to use their middle initial. Hmm interesting about the referrals. I started to sign up for statcounter but gave up. I didn't go online to lose my Zen thing about numbers of readers. When I find out what I did go on line for I'll let you know.

Ryan W. said...

did you find out yet? oh wait. nevermind. you said you'd let me know.