21 February 2006

Shrove Tuesday

I’ve never been to a pre-Lenten Carnival, and I’m not planning to attend one next week. However, being the arm-chair traveler that I am (I occasionally go) I thought to rank my Top 15 pre-Lenten Carnivals in the order of which I’d most like to attend.

A special honor goes out to the gang at Port-au-Prince, Haiti, whose bash is so good I’m afraid to go at the moment.

1. Recife, Brazil
2. Cadiz, Spain
3. Mamoiada, Italy
4. Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
5. Barranquilla, Colombia
6. Salvador, Brazil
7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
8. Ivrea, Italy
9. Mazatlan, Mexico
10. Rethymno, Crete
11. Veracruz, Mexico
12. Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain
13. Oruro, Bolivia
14. Aalborg, Denmark
15. Ovar, Portugal