26 June 2006

Four coffees

Dream Journey: I was at Olga’s Diner in Marlton, New Jersey, giving the Rorschach Test to South American Leaders Lula da Silva, Néstor Kirchner, and Evo Morales.

19 June 2006

More on pictures

Or Faulkner: “Sorry, I haven’t got a picture. I don’t intend to have one that I know of, either. About the biography. Don’t tell the bastards anything. It can’t matter to them.”

13 June 2006

Copa mundial

Been watching, um, a lot of soccer.

09 June 2006

Ten horses

I noticed a black animal in a crowded Olympic-sized municipal swimming pool, and it turned out to be a horse, and upon further inspection there were ten horses in the pool. I asked the life guard, a middle aged man drinking red wine, why the horses were there and he said that they had tried apes but found the horses more manageable. While we were talking, the pool’s water quickly drained and all the swimmers and horses fled the recreational complex and someone had to be rescued from an underground chamber.

05 June 2006

Devouring each other

Andy Gricevich wonders “what Curtis, Joe, Arlee, Ian look like”…

“(Michaux) sat with his back to the light so that it was difficult to see him; he shielded his face with hand and contemplated me warily out of the corner of his eye. Michaux will not be photographed, and refuses to allow even a drawing of himself to be reproduced. Faces have a horrible fascination for him. He has written: “a man and his face, it’s a little as if they were constantly devouring each other.” To an editor who once wrote asking him for a photograph to publish in a catalogue with others, he replied: “I write in order to reveal a person whose existence no one would ever have suspected from looking at me” -- this statement was published in the space that had been intended for his portrait.” (Ashbery, Reported Sightings, 397)

01 June 2006

Review: Easel Painting

A phenomenon I like: shows in Chelsea that reportedly had ended March 27 that were still open yesterday for my visit, such as Ilya Kabakov’s early 70s paintings (Sean Kelly 29th), Ashley Bickerton (Sonnabend 22nd), Thordis Adalsteinsdottir & Iva Gueorguiva (Stux 25th).

A phenomenon I don’t like: people who, on their blogs, lavish effusive praise on ‘must-see’ shows that have ended or are in the process of ending.