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15 November 2023

09 November 2023

Mohammed Sami, One Thousand and One Nights, 2022, Mixed media on linen, 113 x 219 inches












08 November 2023

THATCHER: "Charles, you know perfectly well there's not the slightest proof of this.. armadas off the Jersey coast" 

KANE (Based on William Randolph Hearst): "Tell Wheeler: You provide the prose poems, I'll provide the war."

Enrique Dussel 1934-2023

"Political systems or social formations go through four structural moments that are analogous but never identical. The period of liberation begins with the resistance to oppression ...

"The second period entails the organization of the state and a new mode of production..  Liberation is a time of struggle (because of this, a time of military priority, but of the nonprofessional military)...

"The third phase is the classic epoch, stabilization, the slow ascent...

"The fourth phase is at the same time one of splendor and of decadence. It is in this phase that the state and the social formation jell; the productive forces grow; the domination of the oppressed becomes repression.  Again military art acquires a primacy, although not as the valor of the civilian but as the discipline of military bureaucracy, of a profession that must be entrenched.  It is the epoch of empires, of bread and circus, of the slaughter of liberators because they are subversives.  It is the time of the Pentagon, of control of the frontiers, of not allowing the barbarians to cross the Danube... or the Mexicans to cross the Rio Grande." (77-8)

"In the United States it is possible to work out a philosophy of liberation .... from the ideological manipulation that conceals from the public what "the empire" does to people outside its boundaries to poor peoples that it impoverishes even more... An international division of the philosophical labor, assigning to diverse groups and countries distinct tasks, would permit us to begin a fruitful dialogue where uniformity of themes would not be demanded, nor would certain thematic objects be spurned because they are not relevant to one or another group.." (195-6)

       (Philosophy of Liberation, 1980, tr. Aquilina Martinez and Christine Morkovsky) 



01 November 2023

Edward Said interview with Charles Glass

If you haven't seen this interview, the three hours go by quickly and you won't regret it.  Charles Glass' books are also worthwhile snapshots of times and places. One of my critical obsessions is Said's quarrel with misinterpretation of Orientalism found in almost all his late interviews (starting here at 1:13:33), which I suspect to be an inevitable and intentional distortion by American academia geared towards atomizing movements along the lines of identity politics. 

You can write whatever you want, and others can write whatever they want about what you've written and conjecture why you wrote it that way. It's called literary criticism. Orientalism never contradicted that.



The more Israel under Netanyahu wraps itself in exclusivity and xenophobia towards the Arabs, the more it assists them in staying on, in fighting its injustices and cruel measures.

 (Edward Said, born on this day in 1935)