02 March 2008

This one is a real gem; a much better example of Conjunto Chappottín live than the snippet I put up two months ago. “Camina y Prende el Fogon.” I have no idea of the where and what, but I would guess this is a recording from the early 50s.

With the dark glasses in the footage between 0:03 and 0:17 is Arsenio (Blind Marvel) Rodriguez, who started the band before moving to NYC hoping to salvage his sight, in whose absence this recording was made. The band leader, trumpeter Felix Chappottín is wearing the white hat and coat. The lead singer with the white hat is Miguelito Cuní. I don’t think the pianist is Rubén González here; most probably it’s Luís Martínez Griñan, and I’m guessing that the backup singers are René Scull and Carlos Ramírez with the rhythm guitar. The guitar riff at 2:45.. ..before Elvis’ first recordings. This is really the first band to make "son" into dance music and incorporate trumpets, an essence that can't be improved upon.