31 March 2010

OK, I'm doing Nopowrimo, not just because Maureen is so cool, but also for other reasons, whatever they may be. There is a system at work here, a kind of closed form that will become obvious as the month goes on, and it's a tribute to someone, which may become slightly obvious as well. At times it will be a bit of a pastiche of the subject of the tribute but I'll try to steer away from that for the most part.

25 March 2010

There's a live feed to Marina Abramović's 716-hour performance during the hours when MoMA is open from now til the end of May..

23 March 2010

faithful presentation of an American verse classic by Jonathan Meese, who also did this:

19 March 2010

People tell me I should get an electric light where I read outside, and perhaps I may resort to that, but the perception of the sunlight is indispensible to the pleasure I get from the hours. When I have the time, I read words until the sun moves behind the trees and then I switch to pictures: paintings, landscapes, cities, mostly paintings. In the winter there's fewer birds, but more to the point, I'm not outside to hear them.

The birds are coming back and tonight they were wonderful.

04 March 2010

Hey, if you're wondering what would happen if Joseph Cornell had more power tools and you're in or around Philly, you have 2 more days to see one of the stars of South Jersey sculpture, Dave Carrow, with Dolores Poacelli at AxD at 265 S. 10th Street, til 8 Friday night and 6pm on Saturday.

01 March 2010

The Text/Reel Poem. No pun intended, actually resulting in no pun. Tom says he didn't know, and perhaps I don't know about someone else.
The wonderful Tom Devaney has started a website that pairs videos with poems next to the videos, featuring Sharon Mesmer, Alan Gilbert, Sparrow, and more. This is when I suppose I'll:

1. Make up a name for these things;
2. Declare myself the father of the genre, this being the three year anniversary of my putting three up on this blog. Let me know if someone did this earlier before I write a big manifesto. Nine more here.