29 July 2008


I made a new chair out of the floor. I could have just sat on the floor, I suppose, but I felt inspired.

Ethical dilemmas

I was thinking I would use my blog to relate ethical dilemmas. I don't have any at the moment.

25 July 2008

A duration between days and months that you can see. Flowers, bread, planets, bliss, fruit, stars. Even the day is too connected to clocks, which never stop for any length of time.

Thomas Mokey Woodrow

table cream of shadow
with stones I saw
surveying in figure

pilgrim with a string

when wheeled in
whale no essence

when tree with
wild precedents

where missile with
worn vestments

Taking can sackments
For underwater things
When or of two pigeons
Moke the whole loose

If it’s in crying air
it’s seven like what’s poison

Better moke the breathe
for the next at the real

lava like figurines
tin like opening
Poetry is the world through the prism of self; prose is the self through the prism of the world.

01 July 2008

They're still at it with the second person in the magazines, as if the marketing department needed help: second’s true in first and third where art permits, a limit beyond which Art demands: “Play your instrument.”