21 March 2014

Eagleton describes St. Patrick in The Truth About the Irish as "the first individual in recorded history to write against slavery. He is also said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland. Some people suggest that they ended up in Chicago's city hall." Meanin' to upload some tunes for the occasion, like this footage of Packie Russell, a year before Topic Records recorded the Russell family in 1974, a stone mason who would hold fort on his concertina at Gus O'Conner's pub in Doolin, where Dylan Thomas, G.B. Shaw, and Synge also sought refreshment in their day, the latter making famous the boat ride from that port to the neighboring islands at Yeats' insistence. While his brother Micho toured internationally, Packie chose to stay there: 'I am only an ignorant countryman living on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, in the county of Clare, on the western coast of Ireland,' where Wallace Stevens imagined 'the head of the past.'

Paddy Keenan, the "Jimi Hendrix of the uillean pipe" was one of the founding members of the Bothy Band..

The saying 'all Keenans are related' has been passed down from I don't know where, but in Iniskeen, where Patrick Kavanagh grew up and my family came from, the gene pool is small, the lower edge of its county lines bordering County Meath, where Paddy was the son of the piper John Keenan, an Irish Traveller, of which Eagleton says "in 16th and 17thC Ireland, professional travellers were often skilled craftsmen, as well as poets, doctors, seers and druids.."


Also raised in County Meath was the Bothy Band's Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill, here in 1976.. ..(embed disabled)..

The Clancys stir Ed Sullivan's Hibernian blood with their "Johnson's Motor Car" at 1:40.. Edward Said wrote "the problem of Irish liberation not only has continued longer than other comparable struggles, but it is so often not regarded as being an imperial or nationalist issue; instead it is comprehended as an aberration within the British dominion."

Two tactics from that history that noticeably carry over into current imperial governance is the use of catastrophes like the potato famine to impose economic monopolies, recently evident after the Haiti earthquake, and the complicity of the native financial elites in that reorganization and everything else..

John Cage: "I don't see the difference between a gallery and a church. And I don't know the difference between a church and anything else, hmm? That's what's meant, I think in Finnegan's Wake by the word "roaratorio," which I used for my music. The oratorio is in the church but the roaratorio is everything outside the church, hmm? And there's no difference between oratorio and roaratorio. Or another example is Tibetan Buddhism - not meditating is the same as meditating.. in the spiritual sense. If that attitude is taken, then it is." "You don't roar in a church but you roar in life, or roars take place in life, and among animals and nature. That's what this is. It's out in the world. It's not in the church. Or you can say, the world has become a church, hmm? ..in which you don't sing, you roar."

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